Bob Masucci has been teaching drums professionally since 1995 from his home studio in Roselle Park, New Jersey. The lesson sheets bellow have been created to supplement percussion study books used in Bob's program. His program consists of studies focusing on reading classical and drumset music, proper technique, and drum set applications.
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Rudiments Sheet
An abbreviated collection of some basic rudiments
Bass Drum & Hi Hat for "Stick Control"
Feet Paterns to use with "Stick Control"

Swingin Snare
Snare developement for swing

Swingin Bass Drum
Bass Drum developement for swing

Swingin Snare and Bass Drum
Snare & Bass combinations

Triplets 1
Stick Control exercises in triplet form
use right &/or left foot on quarter notes

16ths with Doubles
Doublesticking 16th note paterns
Keep 16th notes RLRL, doublestick to create 32nd notes

16ths with Bass Drum Replacement
Triplets with Bass Drum Replacement
Double Stick 1 & 2
For Rhythmic Double Stick & Roll Developement
HiHat Sticking Paterns
6/8 Afro-Cuban Rhythm
Basic Patern For Drumset
Samba Paterns
creating grooves using Samba Bass drum Hi hat on 2 & 4

Mozambique Drumset Patern
(Steve Gadd Inspired)
Rockin 16ths
Supplement to use with "Realistic Rock"
where 16notes are introduced in the rock paterns

Key & Chord Quality Chart
For Key, Scale, and Chord Developement
Cycle of 4ths & 5ths Chart
Traditional Key Signature ID wheel

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