. It's been a while... My 2 new (titanium) hips are done & I'm ready to get out play. And, Yes, I do set off metal detectors..
. This Saturday, April 28th, I'll be playing with my old friends Ira & Dom, The Hammers!! The Hammers originally formed back in 1986. That's right, the days of parachute pants, zippered vests, and "Flock of Seagull" hair... Not us, The Hammers were playing Rock'n Roll, just the way is was meant to be by the likes of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, ELVIS, Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Ira and Dom have carried on this tradition ever since. We'll be playing at the Riegelsville Inn in Riegelsville, PA, Just across the river from Jersey. The Riegelsville is a 200 year old working Inn right on the Delaware River. Come early & walk around the area, have dinner, and hang with us for the night. It's an early night, we play 8:00 till 11.
The Hammers website is
or Facebook @!/pages/The-Hammers/165680660118857
See ya out there, See the schedule page for more links, dates & info...

Thanks again, & as always, for supporting LIVE music....and Stage performance!
Bob Masucci

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The Hammers "Newark Fried Chicken" Brian Clayton & The Green River Band